About Us

How we Operate

The Alliance Co-op is a non-profit housing corporation. But, unlike other non-profit housing types, which are run by the city or the Province, the Alliance Housing Co-op is under Federal Jurisdiction and therefore run by its members. In order to live here, you must first become a member of the Co-op.

All members must volunteer a minimum of four hours per month or 48 hours per year to support the democratic decision making process and maintain our Co-op in good repair. Participation can take the form of providing labour for maintenance and repair projects, assisting in the upkeep of the common grounds areas, serving on one or more of the various committees, or serving on the Board of Directors. The key to keeping our Co-op strong and healthy is through the contribution and participation of our members. As a direct result of the labour provided by our members, each one of us benefit through housing charges that have been maintained at a reasonable level.

Another benefit of being an active member is becoming part of a very close-knit community where neighbours watch out for one another, and work together to accomplish some pretty amazing things.

The Alliance Housing Co-operative is run in a similar fashion to most other non-profit organizations. Our basic structure consists of a Board of Directors and a number of committees all of whom are volunteers who take care of specific functions within the co-op.