How do I apply to the co-op?

In order to ensure that you clearly understand and are committed to Co-op living prior to becoming a member, we have a rigorous application and selection process. Before making an application for membership, you must attend an Orientation Session, where you will be provided with an overview of what the Co-op has to offer, what Co-op living is all about and what will be expected of you. This 1 ½ hour session will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

Following the Orientation session, you may submit a completed application for membership, along with a cheque for $25.00, to cover the cost of conducting credit checks. This money is required for each applicant of 18 years of age and older and will not be refunded, even if an application is denied or cancelled.

How long will it take to process my application?

Upon receipt of the application, the Co-op will undertake to conduct credit and landlord reference checks on each member of your household. This process takes approximately two weeks.

If you pass this level of query you will be invited to attend an interview. If you do not pass the credit or landlord check you will be advised in writing. You can help expedite this process by making sure we have the correct name and telephone number of your landlord and by letting your landlord know that we will be contacting him/her.

What can I expect at the interview?

At the interview, which usually lasts one hour, a team of 3 or more members assess your understanding of co-op living and whether or not you are likely to be a contributory member. Your choice of two Committees and jobs will also be discussed. Upon completion of the interview, the team will make its recommendation to the Board of Directors who will take all the information received and make a final decision.

How will I know the result of my interview?

The Board of Directors will review the application and either approve or deny the applicant for membership. The applicant will then be advised of the Board’s decision.

When will I be offered accommodation, if approved for membership?

If accepted for membership your name will be placed on our waiting list and you will be contacted as vacancies arise based upon your previously identified accommodation needs. We currently have a waiting list and will provide you with 2 months notice prior to the unit being available.

How are the units heated and what appliances/parking is provided as part of the housing charge?

  • Heating:
    • Standard units:
      • Natural Gas
    • Accessible units:
      • Electric
  • All units Appliances:
    • Fridge/Stove and hook-ups for washer and Dryer
  • All units Parking:
    • 1 Outdoor parking space

Are utilities included?

Utilities are not included in the housing charges. Members are responsible for their heat and hydro costs, along with their personal property and liability insurance for their units.” (as per Bylaw #4, Occupancy By-law, Art. 3(b) and Art. 5.4)