In order to become a member of the Alliance Housing Co-operative, you must demonstrate that:

  • You have the financial means to be able to afford to live here,
  • You have a good understanding of our principles,
  • You pass a landlord and credit check.

Our Principles

  •  Willingness to participate in Co-op decision-making and activities,
  • Be a good Resident,
  • A positive attitude.

The above three points form the criteria upon which selection is initially based. Maintaining your membership in good standing is also important.

 The Selection Process

 1. Orientation

  • Attending orientation is compulsory. This session will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about becoming a member.
  • See Schedule for upcoming dates.

2. Financial verification, including credit and reference checks.

This verification is done by the office facilitator and is kept confidential.

3. Interview & board approval


All participation (except the Board) is done through a committee. A Participation Monitor in each committee tracks and submits participation hours to the Board.

All committees report to the Board. To help you understand how the co-op functions and how you can become an active member of the co-op, here is a brief overview of the role of the Board of Directors and the different Committees.

Board of Directors

The Board of directors is made up of seven directors who manage and direct the business of the Co-op. The Co-op members elect the directors, and the Board itself designates the following officers annually or as needed: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The board is responsible for the administration of the Co-op and a member of the board acts as liaison with each of the committees.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment, selection, welcoming and orientation of new members. This Committee is also responsible for encouraging and monitoring the participation and involvement of all Co-op members as well as the maintenance of our website.

By-laws Committee

The By-laws Committee provides review of the Co-op’s by-laws and policies and is struck when needed. It ensures that new policies and decisions are consistent with the by-laws and recommends by-law amendments where required. It also serves as a reference to members and Committees and advises the Board with respect to by-laws.

Social Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for planning, organizing and holding social activities for the Co-op members and their children, including the Potluck lunch for the semi-annual Co-op Clean-Ups.

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee, which is led by the Editor, is responsible for compiling, editing and publishing the Co-op Newsletter, Over the Back Fence, each month.

Neighbourhood Watch Committee

The Neighbourhood Watch Committee is the eyes and ears of our community. Each street has a block captain and back-up who are responsible for keeping Co-op members on their block advised of any area crimes or suspicious activities. Our Neighbourhood Watch Committee is certified with the Ottawa Police Services. The Chair of the Committee and other members attend regular meeting with the Police to receive updates and information about what is happening in our area of the city.

Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee organizes members for grass cutting and snow removal in the common areas. It also organizes the Fall and Spring clean-ups as well as yard inspections and maintains the beautiful gardens in the Co-op. The Grounds Committee has two subcommittees, the Parking Sub-Committee and the Pet Sub-Committee. They also act as liaison with external contractors for Grounds related tasks.

Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee is responsible for coordinating major repairs in all units and the Community Centre. This includes structural and electrical components, plumbing, windows, doors, floors, interior painting, porches, balconies and appliances. They also act as liaison with external contractors for Maintenance related tasks.

Inspections Committee

The Inspections Committee conducts move in, move out and annual inspections of units. This Committee is also responsible for the smoke alarm inspections.

Community Centre Committee

The Community Centre Committee is responsible for the overall management of the Community Centre, including rental of the facility.

Capital Reserve Planning Committee

The Capital Reserve Planning Committee assists the Board of Directors in developing and maintaining both short and long-term Capital Reserve Plans.