Job Descriptions

Maintenance Committee

There are many roles for all skill levels, expertise and talents in this committee:

  • inventory of supplies, obtaining supply quotes, purchasing supplies;
  • secretary team for minute-taking, Newsletter submissions, participation recording;
  • members to liaise and meet contractors, obtain service quotes, sign off on contractor work at end of job to ensure quality;
  • handy people skilled in general home maintenance and repair-people interested in shadowing and learning new skills.
  • Jobs include:
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Inventory and Purchasing Coordinator
    • Cleaning Crew Coordinator
    • Cleaning Crew Members
    • Inspections Coordinator

Inspections Committee

Inspections are part of the maintenance committee. Training sessions are held for the various types of inspections.

  • Jobs include:
    • teams for annual inspections, to ensure minor problems do not become major ones and to ensure members are not neglecting their units;
    • teams for move-out and move-in inspections, to make sure units are returned to Co-op standards;
    • teams for maintaining and inspecting our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors annually;
    • secretary for minutes, Newsletter submissions, participation recording.

Grounds Committee

  • There are many roles for all skill levels, expertise and talents in this committee.
  • Jobs include:
    • teams for flower gardens, grass cutting and snow removal in common areas, regular inspections of yards;
    • organization of the annual Spring and Fall Co-op Clean-Ups;
    • members for garage access for members borrowing tools, furnishing paint for fences and balconies;
    • members to act as liaisons to external contractors for Grounds-related tasks;
    • members for small motor repairs, such as lawn mowers;
    • secretary for minutes, Newsletter submissions, participation recording
    • lawn cutting
    • show shovelling
    • tractor drivers
    • fencing – building and staining
    • stain deck on Community Centre
    • pot hole filler
    • garage access
    • Pet Coordinator
    • Lights Coordinator
    • Tractor Coordinator
    • Weeding along fence on Alliance side
    • Weeding around Community Centre
    • Weeding common areas, along fences and garbage pads
    • Watering grass on common areas
    • Raking pinecones
    • Sweeping
    • Lawn maintenance – repair and seeding
    • Turning sand
    • Yard inspections
    • Painting hydrants

Parking and Pets are 2 sub-committees:

PARKING: The Parking Control Officer is responsible for verification of adherence to the rules and regulations regarding parking for all members and their visitors, as set out in By-law #7, Parking By-law.

PET: The rules regarding Pet Control are set out in By-law #4, Occupancy By-law, Art. 9. In addition, pet owners must abide by all City of Ottawa By-laws or Ordinances regarding control of pets.

Membership Committee

There are many roles for all skill levels, expertise and talents in our large committee. Training sessions are held regularly for the different roles we fulfill:

  • with its 5 sub-committees, is responsible for the recruitment, selection and welcoming of new members;
  • teams use their skills to do presentations at Orientations, interviews, Welcome Visits;
  • the Participation Co-ordinator is  responsible for recording the participation  of all Co-op members and submitting the information to the Board and individual members;
  • the Webmaster maintains an external website.
  • Jobs include:
    • Interviewers: lead, observer, scribe
    • Presenters for orientations
    • Welcome visits

Social Committee

  • teams for planning, organizing and holding social activities for Co-op members and their children;
  • organizes the potluck lunches following our Spring and Fall Co-op Clean-Ups;
  • solicits and develops ideas for future events, based on demand and interest.

Capital Reserve Planning Committee

  • needs members to assist the Board in developing and maintaining both short- and long-term Capital Reserve Plans;
  • needs members to develop plans for identifying priorities for capital spending;
  • needs members to research and advise the Board on grants/rebate programs the Co-op may be eligible for.
  • Jobs include:
    • secretary
    • committee members to assist with future planning, obtaining quotes, research

By-Laws Committee

  • needs members to review our By-laws and policies;
  • ensures that new policies and decisions are consistent with the By-laws and recommends amendments when required;
  • also serves as reference to members and Committees and advises the Board with respect to By-laws.

Neighbourhood Watch Committee

  • -is certified by the Ottawa Police and exists to provide our Co-op with a greater sense of security;
  • -Co-ordinator meets regularly with Community Officers and other NW Co-ordinators to receive updates and information regarding criminal activity in our area of the City;
  • Jobs include:
    • Block Captains
    • Co-ordinator


  • led by an Editor, exists to provide a communications channel between the Board, various committees and the general membership;
  • editor compiles, edits and publishes the Co-op Newsletter every month;
  • includes a monthly calendar listing up-coming events and Board and committee meetings, Board minutes and a Committee Contacts page featuring names, numbers and email addresses of Board and Committee members;
  • also has regular information on rental of the CC, registering visitor parking, work order requests, monthly participation log;
  • members are encouraged to submit an article for publication .

Community Centre Committee

  • teams are responsible for the overall management and maintenance of the CC;
  • teams  available to rent the Centre to members and to inspect for any damages following such rental;
  • Jobs include:
    • secretary for minutes, Newsletter submissions, and participation recording.